Women driving in saudi why not

The decree, handed down by Saudi King Salman last September, officially went into effect on Sunday, when the nationwide ban against women behind the wheel was lifted. Ten women have already done soearlier this month, and thousands more are expected to get their licenses in the coming weeks. Women have called for the right to drive since the s, risking imprisonment, harassment, and exile in pursuit of equal rights under the law.

Women driving in saudi why not

Saudi Arabia issues first driving licences to women - BBC News

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Photographer Maheda Al Ajroush had to ask the girls' father. The kingdom was the only country in the world to bar women from driving and for years had garnered international criticism for detaining women who defied the ban by taking to the road. Ben Hubbard is a Middle East correspondent for The New York Times.

An Arabic speaker with more than a decade in the Middle East, he has covered coups, civil wars, protests, jihadist groups, rotten.

Women driving in saudi why not

Aljazi Alrakan (standing), a dentist and self-described lifestyle blogger, joins friends in a fashionable Riyadh restaurant.

Medicine and teaching were careers open to Saudi women early on; both. Stunning arrests come just six weeks before Saudi Arabia is set to lift the world's only ban on women driving next month. A Vogue cover featuring a Saudi princess behind the wheel prompted backlash as it follows the nation's arrest of women's right activists.

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