Week 5 team final draft ifrs

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Week 5 team final draft ifrs

Comment We will be taking a look back at different aspects of the season and how the Tennessee Titans performed. The draft process has quickly become one of the most entertaining aspects of NFL fandom. With increased coverage, endless mocks, and message board bickering, it is a great way to keep fans engaged while their team is off the field.

The rest of the draft was equally entertaining, with Robinson adding weapons for Marcus Mariota and addressing other key positions. Robinson initially got high marks for his draft class, but did his picks live up to expectations in ? This was difficult, because some of the draft picks could have gone either way.

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I worried the Titans were too enamored with his return skills, and that his slight frame would be easily overpowered by NFL receivers. But Jackson proved me and other doubters wrong with an impressive rookie season.

He also managed to have the fifth-lowest catch rate of any CB. Jackson still experienced rookie growing pains, but, overall, he probably had the best season of any Titans corner since Alterraun Verner.

It was a great pick by Robinson, and Jackson should only continue to get better. Taywan Taylor I went back and forth about where to put Taylor, because getting almost yards out of a third round pick is a decent return on investment.

Week 5 team final draft ifrs

But at the end of the day, Taylor was the fourth receiver on the depth chart and produced adequate yardage total yards based on his opportunities. Other third round receivers, such as Cooper Kupp, Chris Godwin, and Kenny Golladay, had better seasons, but they all had the benefit of being in top 10 passing offenses.

Taylor was stuck being a role player in the 23rd-ranked passing attack. But he ended up helping his team by being perhaps the only speed option on the entire offense. Tennessee Titans Three Takeaways: Titans lose second division game in a row More headlines around FanSided: He seems to be a perfect slot receiver, with excellent quickness and RAC ability.

But the Titans were determined to use him more as a gadget player, featuring him on different sweeps and screens designed to get him in open space. The Bad Corey Davis Titans fans had high hopes for Davis, as the organization has been missing a true 1 receiver for, well, ever.

Davis fit the bill on paper, with his good size, solid route running, and playmaking ability. Davis only notched 34 receptions for yards and no TDs. Even though he missed five games, at the rate he was going, he would have only had around yards in a game season.Team A Week 5 final draft 1.

Topics: Management, Leadership & Decision Making Week 5: Leadership & Decision Making Kinsey Craig, Kacie Kurdy, Gretchen Lewis, Celeste Parker University of Phoenix Leadership and Performance Development HCS/ Dr. .

Week 5 team final draft ifrs

Senior Analysts Steve Palazzolo and Sam Monson hand out their immediate takes from every pick, on every team of the NFL Draft. An overview of the final TCFD recommendations, and the first reactions, courtesy of Joel Kenrick's 'The Chronicle' newsletter.

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