Traglear tragic character in king lear essay

Key moments and facts Key moments from King Lear and some significant facts about the play and its characters. King Leardirected by David Farr. He banishes Cordelia and splits his land between his other two daughters. Edmund deceives Gloucester Act 1 Scene 2 In parallel to Lear's actions, Gloucester is deceived by his son Edmund and doubts the loyalty of his other son, Edgar.

Traglear tragic character in king lear essay

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Shakespeare creates sympathy for Lear by portraying him as an extremely powerful and foolish man thus heightening the sympathy felt by the audience when this powerful, foolish king transforms to an insignificant but wise man.

Upon gaining further understanding on how the play would have been received by the audience at the time it was written, the sympathy created has a higher impact, as a lot of the language and imagery refers to the hierarchical order of the Elizabethan society.

Throughout the play Shakespeare explores Elizabethan beliefs and laws using the text to express his stance on them. He manipulates these popular beliefs at the time to create sympathy with the audience as they are directly affected.

Traglear tragic character in king lear essay

An example of this is of the imagery of the animals to describe the daughters as evil as the audience at the time would strongly believe in the hierarchical order and understand the meaning of the imagery clearly. Throughout the play the sympathy is created in conjunction with justice, when the treatment to Lear is justified the less sympathy is felt amongst the audience thus the sympathy increases as the treatment towards Lear is so severe and beyond justification.

Nor should evil men be seen passing from misery to prosperity. Shakespeare uses evident changes in this play; changes in characters behaviour, changes in language, changes in beliefs; all resulting in changes in the degree of sympathy felt.

Language is a very important aspect in a play not only its content but also the way in which it is presented and delivered to the audience.

The punctuation can in turn affect the flow and pace of the text and is used in this way to give an insight into the circumstances of the play or the state of mind of the character. As the use of punctuation increases the sentences become shorter and the flow breaks down and the pace increases thus giving an impression of lack of control inciting his mad state of mind.

Lear is introduced as a respected character amongst his loyal allies Gloucester, Kent and Edgar so when they feel such sympathy towards Lear it is portrayed to the audience that this sympathy is most deserving as it is hard for them to feel pity for someone who they once held at highest regard and because these characters are understood by the audience as good people.

For example when Edgar slips out of his role of Poor Tom when he is so overcome by pity for Lear and what he has been reduced to, this sympathy felt by Edgar is so prominent that it encourages the audience to instantly feel sympathy for Lear also.

In all three cases the use of madness by Shakespeare are fairly ironic as madness actually creates sanity and clarity.

Traglear tragic character in king lear essay

And art Thou come to this? In Act 1 Lear is introduced as a momentous king but with a clear lack of objective judgement and an extremely obstinate personality. Even before Lear enters the stage aspects of his traits are revealed through the conversation between Kent and Gloucester.

The audience can understand on a level the resentment the daughters Goneril and Regan feel towards him due to the established bad traits he possesses as a father. But as they increasingly get more malicious sympathy rises for Lear as it becomes apparent he is not as powerful as once thought, and his error of judgement could be due to his incompetence, he is now vulnerable and cant make many decisions alone as he has got rid of his guidance Kent and he is out numbered by his daughters therefore sympathy towards Lear increases as he becomes weak and loses control of his life as it is a complete contrast to Lear at the start of the act that the audience felt no sympathy for.

In this Act the imagery used by Shakespeare is very important in the construction of sympathy. The clothes worn by the daughters, comes under much scrutiny during this speech relating to their greedy nature that they want more than they need; LEAR: But for true need- You heavens, give me that patience, patience I need!

I will have such revenges on you both That all the world shall — I will do such things — What they are yet I know not, but they shall be They shall be the terrors of the earth!

To What Extent Is Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’, a Tragedy?

O fool I shall go mad. Lear makes references to his age but it is clear this is not for his daughters benefit as the are beyond emotion and empathy and is for the audiences benefit only. The fact the audience would comprehend this viewpoint on the female nature means that more sympathy would be felt towards Lear as they are in agreement with him and as stated previously that the more malicious and unnaturally the two daughters are portrayed the higher the sympathy for Lear as he increasingly becomes the victim.

The audience feels sorry for Lear, as he is alone with the daughters and the power he gave them overtaking him. He makes empty threats illustrating his confusion a sudden increase of sympathy for Lear as he is stops himself mid threat as he is abruptly hit with the realisation that he is powerless.

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The speech begins with long flowing sentences, but an increases in dashes and other punctuation fragmented sentences towards the end of the speech suggest a lost of control.‘King Lear’ is a well known tragic play due to the flaws present in the King, the two evil daughters whom crave power, the torturous acts and number of deaths provided at the end of the play.

However, in many viewers eyes, ‘ King Lear. King Lear. Similar to real life, characters in books and plays have significant flaws. The way those flaws play a part in the character’s life is what sets them apart.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. King Lear: The Tragic Hero essaysA hero in tragic literature differs from typical heroes in legends and myths.

While a hero is defined by as "a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one . In the playwright King Lear, Shakespeare designs the character King Lear to demonstrate how madness results from his ignorance, his lack of judgment and faulty decisions, and the corruption that occurs around him as well as within himself, and how difficult it is for him to pull himself together.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the character King Lear The character of King Lear is essentially a destructive character in this play due to his weaknesses but he reveals some strengths in character in acts four and five of the play.

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