Solution to the illiteracy bangladesh

Definition of a Literate Person A literate person is one who can read, write, calculate and be socially aware. Number of literacy classes in most recent yearcentres operated andcentres are ongoing.

Solution to the illiteracy bangladesh

With catastrophic events such as this famine, poverty resurfaces yet again in the global consciousness. A consciousness that is mostly preoccupied with the rapid advances of its more exciting urban economies. Questions are then raised on the prevalent quality of poverty and the horrors of its consequences.

The causes of poverty are manifold. War, disease, famine and unemployment being the big players.

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What steps can then be taken towards addressing the massive social issue of global poverty that has afflicted humanity for centuries?

Employment generation Carefully and extensively planned employment programs funded by the government can spur growth in jobs.

Industries requiring substantial labour forces can also be given significantly larger aid from the government.


Focus should be placed on developing companies that offer sustainable and long-term jobs to the community. Companies should also budget sufficiently for employee training and related community programs, so that employees and prospective employees can keep their skills relevant and up-to-date.

Drawing on various social institutions to fund poverty fighting programs e.

Feb 22,  · In addition, illiteracy is the another important reason behind the existing poverty in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are % literate people (Wikipedia) and rest of the people do not have educational knowledge that also create the poverty in Bangladesh. Illiteracy In Bangladesh. because of illiteracy and lack of consciousness. Because our rural people are very poor and not so much educated. So we have taken some initiatives for those helpless people in Jamalpur district for children’s sanitation and hygiene promotion development. Besides, illiteracy, the unwillingness of the people to do any kind of job, the backwardness of the industries and not having ample scope of technical studies have also increased the problem. Unemployment has some long-term negative impacts on the national advancement of the country.

Money funnelled from every organization available adds up to powerful sums that can produce tangible change. When organizations develop an interest, albeit vested, they tend to be more strongly motivated.

Organizations that have a concrete goal to achieve with strict project plans are able to efficiently concentrate their efforts into producing change.

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For this reason charities with numerous middlemen organizations should be discouraged to ensure money reaches those in need. Importance should be given to organizations that follow the teach a man to fish ideology rather than the give the man a fish one, unless in extremely dire emergency circumstances.

This makes governments accountable for their actions and inaction becomes easier to pinpoint and address. It also discourages corruption in government systems. For example, transparency will be especially beneficial to civilians whose government might be allotting money to its nuclear weapons program instead of to its poverty programs.

Cancelling impossible to repay world debts Many developing countries are trapped in the cycle of constantly repaying debts that are impossible to pay off.

Solution to the illiteracy bangladesh

This ensures that they never get a chance to develop and become self-sufficient. The priorities of these countries are therefore unnecessarily skewed and the citizens of these debt-ridden nations are devoid of any hope for a better future.

Prioritizing programs that target fundamental human rights Every individual should have access to housing, food, clean water, healthcare and electricity. Technically governments should only move on to other projects after they have made sure that programs that provide these basic amenities to their people are up and running.

This might prove to be the hardest step yet.Democracy in Bangladesh: Problems & Prospects M.M.

Improving Literacy Rates in Developing Countries with Phone Data

Awal Hossain Lecturer Public Administration Rajshahi University Rajshahi Bangladesh Email: [email protected] Abstract Democracy is a continuous political process, which can only be sustained and Where there is illiteracy. Introduction: Bangladesh is one of the largest deltas in the world which is highly vulnerable to Natural Disasters because of its Geographical location, Flat and low-lying landscape, Population density, Poverty, Illiteracy, Lack of Institutional setup etc.

Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to natural Disasters and environmental degradation because of its geographical location, population density, poverty, illiteracy, lack of maintaining environmental. These 10 solutions to poverty illustrate that while there is a difficult road ahead, there is a viable path forward in pursuit of alleviating global poverty and creating a world in which all people can prosper.

The social costs of illiteracy are very big. Project Literacy is a global movement that brings together a diverse cross-section of people and organizations from all over the world to .

Solution to the illiteracy bangladesh

The challenge of illiteracy looms large. Analysis from the U.S. Department of Education estimated that in , percent of U.S. adults lacked "Basic Prose Literacy Skills," down slightly from.

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