Programming language for writing apps for computer

Fountain is a plain text markup language for screenwriting. Fountain for Screenwriters Fountain allows you to write screenplays in any text editor on any device. Fountain for Developers Fountain is free and open-source, with libraries that make it easy to add support in your apps.

Programming language for writing apps for computer

Written by Aaron Kili Linux is fast becoming popular, especially with the declining use of Windows, I stand to be corrected if that is not true and to promote Linux and fight towards achieving the desired use of Linux on desktop, Linux programmers and software developers are putting in more effort and hard work in developing desktop applications that will match applications on Windows and Mac OS X desktops.

This is true, especially with countless number of Linux distributions that are focused on making it easy for new Linux users previously using Windows or Mac OS X to easily adapt to the operating system.

There are plenty of programming languages out there with new ones emerging every now and then, but as an upcoming Linux software developer focused on desktop applications, one needs to understand what it takes to build reliable, efficient, flexible, extensible, user-friendly and above all secure applications.

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And one of the first things one must know is to understand the appropriate language for the different software development. Below, is a list of the best programming languages that one can use to develop desktop applications in Linux, the list is not based on the level of importance as all the languages here are good to go with and they are also cross-platform, meaning you can make the same applications work on other operating systems.

As you may already know, Linux is basically powered by the C language with parts of assembly. It is also widely used for developing Windows software but has a sharp learning curve. Java was originally intended for running applets in web browsers, but it has always had amazing capabilities to run desktop applications right from the start.

Java is one of best especially if you have intentions of developing applications that will run on practically any relevant operating system. Java is great when it comes to migrating from one operating system to another especially from Windows or Mac OS X to Linux, without the need to port your existing applications.

Python Python is a high-level, general-purpose, dynamic and interpreted programming language that is slowly but surely becoming popular in the market.

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Many programmers are turning to Python because of its easy to read syntax and ability to enable programmers express concepts in few lines of code compared to other programming languages.

It is easy to learn, and is a good option for beginners.A programming language is a special language programmers use to develop software programs, scripts, or other sets of instructions for computers to execute.

programming language for writing apps for computer

The following is an index of the different programming and scripting languages currently listed on our site. Unfortunately, writing a portable compiler is not as easy as writing some machine code for each language element.

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Because of the number of architectures and operating systems, it is impractical for any individual to write a cross platform compiler backend.

Fountain is a simple markup syntax for writing, editing and sharing screenplays in plain, human-readable text. Fountain allows you to work on your screenplay anywhere, on any computer or tablet, using any software that edits text files. The world of mobile app development is still going as strong as ever.

If you want to get started, it's not too late! mobile apps have become a huge industry with a lot of money being thrown around.

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In the years since, there have been many other challengers to Appleā€™s throne, most notably Android. which programming language are you. Im new at programming i started learning Visual Basic today to start things off because i plan on going to college for this type of thing.

I was just curious, which type of coding/language do you use to write and create Smart-phone apps in my case Blackberry apps. C++ is the best programming language for develop apps,video games,drivers and everything. But people use lot of languages because c++ is not a friendly language, also it is hard to use.

But if learn c++, can do anything that want.

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