Obesity persuasive paper

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Obesity persuasive paper

Identify Key Concepts Identify key concepts and terms related to our topic area. There may be just one concept or, much more likely, several concepts that will need to be considered. Within each concept, you will need to determine appropriate words or phrases, including synonyms, broader terms, related terms and narrower terms.

Revise this list during the actual search process by noting and using subject headings that have been assigned to relevant books and articles. Databases provide access to high quality, up-to-date information from respected publishers and publications. They provide sophisticated search capabilities and access in many instances to online full-text articles.

Be very careful using the freely available web. For finding accurate, useful information quickly, the web is generally no match for database and catalog searching. Gear the databases you search to your topic. If your topic deals with psychology, search psychology databases such as Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection.

For business topics, search Business Source Premier. If you have any questions regarding which database s to search ask a librarian.

Start with a general search If you start with a complicated search, you will probably retrieve a very small number of articles. You are much better off to start with a general search and then refine your search from there.

Enter this one concept and analyze results. Ask yourself the following questions: How much information is available on my topic?

Obesity persuasive paper

Are there better terms that I could be using? Will I need to narrow or expand my topic? The advanced search mode will also allow you specify which fields you want to search, including author name, article title, publication title, subject, etc. Each article or book is looked at carefully and then assigned one or more subject headings.

These subject headings are selected from a specific list of possible subject headings. If a subject heading is used for one article or book on the topic, the same heading will be used for other articles or books on the topic. Most books and articles are assigned many subject headings.

You can determine relevant subject headings by finding an article or two that deals directly with your research topic. Then do a search on the subject headings assigned to those articles. You can use the advanced search mode to search for your terms in the subject field. This is best done using the advanced search mode.

Next, you need to connect these two terms with a Boolean operator. Using the operator AND will retrieve articles that mention both terms somewhere in the article. Using the operator OR between the two terms will retrieve articles that mention either term. In this case, AND is the appropriate connector because you want to retrieve articles that address both concepts, combat and obesity.

The use of AND generally will retrieve a smaller set of results.Many beliefs about obesity persist in the absence of supporting scientific evidence (presumptions); some persist despite contradicting evidence (myths).

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