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Cayman Islands[ edit ] Cayman Islands trusts are governed principally by the Cayman Islands Trusts Law Revisionhowever elements of the Fraudulent Dispositions Law are relevant when considering the asset protection benefits of Cayman Trusts. A number Module 1rrv offshore jurisdictions have enacted modern asset protection legislation based on the Cayman Island's Fraudulent Dispositions Law the "FDL".

The bar is set high for a potential claimant to successfully challenge a transfer. They must demonstrate an intention to defraud on behalf of the Settlor, and they must demonstrate they are an "eligible creditor" - meaning that at the date of the transfer, the transferor owes an Module 1rrv to the claimant.

They must also be willing to bring an action in the Cayman Islands, which by itself is an expensive proposition. The burden of proof for a claimant to challenge a transfer into a Cayman Trust has a limitation period of six years.

In Cayman it is possible to register a trust as an Exempt Trust [5] however it is voluntary registration regime only, so most trusts remain unregistered. As most Cayman trusts are therefore private arrangements, it is hard to give exact figures for the popularity of AP Trusts governed by Cayman law.

However the number of licensed trust companies give us some indication of how the jurisdiction is viewed. As of 30 September the Fiduciary Services Division of CIMA, the body responsible for licensing and regulating trust companies in the Cayman Islands has supervisory responsibility for active trust licences.

The quality of banking and investment services are reasonably good.

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Cook Islands[ edit ] The Cook Islands claims to be the first country to have enacted an explicit asset protection law, implementing particular provisions in to its International Trusts Act.

The most important of these changes permits the settlor of a trust to be named as a spendthrift beneficiary. The trust laws of the Cook Islands provide a shortened statute of limitations on fraudulent transfer claims.

If the trust is funded while the settlor is solvent, then the transfer cannot be challenged. The effect of these provisions is to raise the burden of proof to "beyond a reasonable doubt," something akin to a criminal law standard, in order for a creditor to establish a fraudulent transfer.

The "constructive" fraudulent transfer theories are eliminated under Cook Islands law, requiring the creditor to prove that the transfer was made with specific intent to avoid the creditor's claim.

It is believed that the Cook Islands now has more registered asset protection trusts than any other country, although it should be noted that in most jurisdictions a Trust is considered a private arrangement and it is not a requirement to register a Trust.

Case law is somewhat lacking in the Cook Islands. However, some landmark decisions show that the Cook Islands Court intends to uphold the asset protection trust law. Nevis[ edit ] Nevis was one of the first countries to follow the Cook Islands, duplicating an older version of the Cook Islands law and naming it the Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance, One distinguishing feature of the Nevis legislation is that a creditor must post a bond of ECB 25, roughly USD 13, to lodge a complaint against a trust registered in Nevis.

Very little case law exists in Nevis, which many attorneys interpret to mean that creditors are effectively deterred from bringing suit in Nevis. It has a small offshore banking industry, with St. This has enabled Nevis to distinguish itself as a primary offshore jurisdiction for LLC formations, as opposed to other countries that are well known for IBC formations British Virgin Islands or trust formations Cayman Islands.

A Nevis LLC is often used in conjunction with an asset protection trust because it gives the creator of the trust direct control over the assets if the creator is listed as the manager of the Nevis LLC.

This gives the creator added security in that it keeps the assets one step removed from the trustee of the asset protection trust. Because the managers and members of a Nevis LLC are not public information, the creator of the trust is able to assume control over the assets without disclosing his control on any public records.Apr 18,  · Track roller for a IH engine hood.

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