Irresponsible parents should be punished

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Irresponsible parents should be punished

Thursday, 31 May, Head teachers want the right to expel pupils whose parents are violent towards teachers.

The National Association of Head Teachers says that there is "rising tide" of assaults against teachers by parents - in incidents which they have called "school rage".

Irresponsible parents should be punished

Head teachers say they want a zero tolerance policy against such attacks, including banning violent parents from school premises and expelling their children from school.

Should children be punished for the actions of their parents? And why are parents becoming more aggressive in their dealings with schools?

Adria says "Kids are supposed to learn social skills and reasonable behaviour in schools" No! I thought they were supposed to learn that at home? No wonder schools are under such pressure. Julian, Wiltshire UK Throwing them into the lap of decent teachers is a cowardly way of handling matters David Thomas, England The teacher shortage has risen to 17,!

There is no doubt that the potential for violence from students is deterring good people from considering education as a line of work.

Irresponsible parents should be punished

So, violent students are now a threat to all but the richest families who can pay their way into top schools. These offenders cannot be excluded entirely from the education system but we do need to radically rethink our methods of dealing with these people because throwing them into the lap of decent teachers is a cowardly way of handling matters.

David Thomas, England I thought parents were responsible for the actions of their children and not the other way round?

S Fowler, UK I think it is a bad idea to expel the children for their parents' anger. But a good idea to ban the parents from school property preferably with a threat of criminal repercussions if this ban is not followed.

Parents need to be taught that school is a place of discipline and learning as well as the children. Perhaps punishing the parents will send a message to the child that behaving badly is wrong.

Finbar, England It's interesting that some people are using this forum to advocate the return of corporal punishment in schools. Why is it unacceptable for an adult to assault another adult, yet desirable for an adult to assault a child?

What strange values you have. Andrew Smith, US exUK If parents knew that their ill-behaved little thugs would end up spending all day with them as a result of the parents' behaviour, they might think before lashing out at a teacher.

TK, UK The main argument against the exclusion seems to be that the student will suffer if removed from mainstream education. For many of these people, violent parents often have violent children, and although I think that there should be special schools and institutions to help them, a choice between total exclusion or not is no choice at all, when the benefits of all those involved is taken into account.

Being 18, I have been through the state-school system more recently than most, and it is shocking to see just how many people suffer if every behaviour, no matter how disrespectful and violent, is tolerated.

Chris, UK In our hospitals, attacks and assaults on doctors and nursing staff are usually met with legal action. We do not exclude an injured child from hospital because their parent attacks a staff member, so why should the same apply to schools?Notes From the Golden Orange See More.

Wives of Spanking Husbands Club. “We think all parents should spank their daughters when they don’t behave,” Mrs. Rae wrote. “Some girls won’t admit it, but the really know it is better to get spanked than scolded and nagged.

still doesn’t make it much easier to be spanked and punished. The Malawi government through ministry of gender, disability, children, and social welfare says it will soon deal with all irresponsible parents who are Government to start punishing irresponsible parents-Patricia Kaliati | Malawi 24 - Malawi news.

Should parents be punished for smoking at home? Punishment is the reliable imposition of something negative or unpleasant on a person in response to behavior considered wrong by an individual or group. Teenagers should be given substantial independence and opportunities to make their own decisions.

When parents give children too many chores or spend too much time supervising older children, kids may exhibit irresponsible behavior. Childhood Obesity. It is argued that parents should be blamed for their irresponsible parenthood for making their children in a state of obesity.

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