Essay on substance abuse in adolescence

Substance Abuse and Treatment for Adolescents Substance Abuse and Treatment for Adolescents 1 January Drug addiction In this paper I will discuss substance abuse among teens, causes, statistics, effects of substance abuse, current treatments, and the importance of developing appropriate treatment options for youth. Statistics Psychologist Gunter Swobota works with adolescent patients with drug and alcohol addictions. While they are able to obtain drugs, such as cocaine, with ease, Swobota feels the biggest problem among teenagers currently is alcohol abuse, which he says is reaching crisis proportions. He also says this closely compares to adolescents in southern California Jones,

Essay on substance abuse in adolescence

This assignment will foster the nature of substance abuse among adolescents. It will provide the reader with information on how the intervention program will be applied and what to include in the intervention program as well as how it will be conducted.

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It will focus on the developmental stage of adolescents and why such an intervention is applicable to them. This assignment will also focus on the South African context and consider the factors that intervene with drug use. This assignment will aim to provide the reader with a good understanding on drug use and how an intervention plan will be affective.

The aim is also to provide an adequate intervention that can be applied to the adolescence that attends the school. This will then follow a literature review where previous methods will be discussed and the effectiveness of these interventions. This will also include how to implement these techniques.

This will then be followed by the rational where the problem is identified and how one can go about solving these problems. The program will then be discussed and how it can be applied and implemented based on what has been discussed within the literature review.

This will then be followed by the discussion of possible limitations as well as how ethics will apply within a school context. This part of the assignment will discuss the nature of drugs, what affects it has on the physical body and what factors places in adolescence at risk for using psychoactive drugs.

This in essence means that people foster a drug since it has a psychological effect and it makes them feel good and when being absent of the drug it makes them feel bad Escand?? Tolerance is described by Escand?? Also it has been noted that drug dependence is worldwide problem.

There seems to be an increase with drug use especially amongst the youth. It has also been noted that in western countries teenagers. It was also noted that there is a strong need for conveying a clear cut message to the youth that the use of drugs are hazardous, illegitimate as well as unfitting Escand??

When considering Africa in general there seems to be an increase in the use of cannabis and seems to be noticeable. Furthermore when considering the trafficking of drugs Africa in general seems that Ghana and Kenya is the route reserved for trading amongst European, North American, Asian countries and lastly, South Africa where African countries export heroin and cocaine to dealers Escand??

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Rendering to Visserone of the leading social problems South Africa is presently facing is that of the usage of drugs. In specific reference to alcohol and tobacco use. Visseralso argues if one wants to review drug use one also needs to take into consideration the culture values as well as customs into account.

In the South African context the reason given for drug use among the youth has been pointed to mental illness as well as low socio-economic status that places stress as a consequence of having to cope with less resources.

It was also mentioned that drugs tend to hinder with cognitive functioning, professional as well as social functioning of an individual and behaviour tends to be harmful concerning to the individual themselves and towards others Visser, Adolescent Substance Abuse Adolescent Substance Abuse is a growing problem in today's society, and research papers on adolescent substance abuse discuss preventive interventions to change the attitude of the abusive individual.

This part of the assignment will rationalize why there is an intervention needed within the South African schools in order to reduce substance abuse amongst adolescents. It will . Adolescent Substance Abuse Essay - Adolescent Substance Abuse Adolescent substance abuse continues to be epidemic in American society -- it crosses geographic, economic, gender, racial, and ethnic lines.

Abstract Adolescent substance abuse is a major problem in society. There are many risk factors that can contribute to adolescent substance abuse. One of the main risk factors is peer pressure. When adolescents start at a young age there is an increase in health problems, addiction, and over all poor.

Essay on substance abuse in adolescence

Substance Use in Adolescents Essay; Substance Use in Adolescents Essay. Words 5 Pages.

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Show More. Essay on Substance Abuse. Introduction Substance abuse is all too common within most populations, especially in a lower economic class. In fact, drugs are the new fashion craze. Drug abuse is the recurrent use of illegal drugs, or the misuse of prescription or over the counter drugs with negative consequences.

The two terms, drug abuse or substance abuse can be defined as the use of chemical substances that lead to an increased risk of .

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