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Earthscience wa1

Jessie Pearl High-resolution paleoclimate records are essential for improving detection and attribution of internal and forced climate system responses. The densely populated northeastern United States is at high risk from increasing temperatures, droughts, and extreme precipitation events.

The region has limited annual and seasonal-scale proxy climate records beyond the instrumental record. Atlantic white cedar, a wetland conifer found within km of the Atlantic coastline of the United States, is a promising new temperature proxy that can fill in these data gaps.

However, certain cedar sites contain multivariate climate signals in their rings. Here, we present a dense network of Atlantic white cedar tree ring chronologies across the northeastern United States and show how site selection is extremely important for paleoclimate reconstructions.

Ring width variability reflects winter through summer temperatures at inland and 'hydrologically stable' sites in the northernmost section of the species' range. Ombrotrophic sites along the coast of the Northeast contain hydrologic signals embedded in their rings, and correlate with growing season precipitation.

We demonstrate skilful climate reconstructions for the last several centuries and the potential to use sub-fossil samples to extend these records over the entire Common Era. This comprehensive understanding of the species' climate sensitivity and geologic environment leads to a tree-ring network that provides the long-term context at multi-decadal and centennial time scales for the large-scale ocean-atmospheric processes that influence the climate of the region.

Andrea Seim Hydroclimate variability is a crucial element in the ongoing assessment of past and future climate change. Potential forcing factors, the amplitude and frequency of long-term i. The study presents the first large-scale multi-species comparison of long-term growth trends across Europe, spanning the last millennium.

Tree-ring measurements from precipitation sensitive tree species in Central Europe for oak Quercus spp.

Those species-specific chronologies show similarly supra-regional tree growth fluctuations. Furthermore, first comparisons between the different species yielded significantly correlations of the growth trends in the high and low-frequency domains.

New findings gained in the study of climate forced, low-frequency trends in tree growth and their underlying causes will improve climate reconstructions, model simulations and the quantification of long-term changes in the carbon cycle at continental to global scale.

Agnieszka Bronisz Genus oak Quercus sp. In Poland two native pedunculate and sessile and one alien red oaks are important from the ecological and economical point of view.

Climate influences the tree growth process in great measure. Pace and intensity of tree-ring formation is shaped by different weather elements such as temperature, precipitation or moisture availability.

The aim of this research is to compare annual growth rates and climate-growth relationships of two native and one no native oaks. To reach the goal, only dominant, healthy and undamaged trees were sampled from the 34 sample plots from western Poland trees per sample plot.

One increment core per tree was taken using a Pressler borer. Elaborated tree-ring width series were cross-dated visually using standard dendrochronological techniques. To pronounce climate-related high-frequency signal and to minimize long-term age-dependent trend, each tree ring width series was standardized in the two-staged detrending process using the negative exponential curve and the linear regression function.

DendroClim software was used to investigate the influence of climate on the growth of analysed oaks. Significance of analysed relationships was assessed at the 0. Achieved results shows significant positive effect of precipitation in July of the previous year of ring formation and in June and July of the year of ring development.

DC-4 Silver fir response to changing climatic conditions from inside and outside distribution range in Poland Karol Bronisz Presented by: Karol Bronisz Tree species growing in temperate climate zone form new layers of wood year by year.

Size of the annual diameter increment depends on many factors, among which the most important are: The spatial distribution of tree species is the result of arrangement to climate factors connected with geographical localization and height.

These factors limit possibility of the tree growth in the different regions of world.We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously.

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Earthscience wa1

Thomas Edison State College, Astronomy (AST) written assignment 1 (WA1). This is the final edited copy, but ungraded. Published as reference. Nathalie Sellier, INRAP, Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques Préventives, Grand-Ouest Department, Department Member.

Studies Coastal and Island . The attenuation of Stoneley waves by an open borehole fracture is closely related to fluid flow in the fracture. We consider the dynamic response of a viscous fluid in a borehole fracture to the oscillating pressure excitation of Stoneley waves at the fracture opening.

This year's theme "Sciences for global sustainability: interconnectedness, collaboration, transformation" shines a light on the increasingly interconnected and interdependent economic, social, cultural and political systems, both in therms of the pressure thes place on the Earth system and of the potential for solutions that they provide.

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