Discoveries of child made by dr maria montessori

Maria Montessori by observing the child?

Discoveries of child made by dr maria montessori

Discoveries of child made by dr maria montessori

She used a scientific approach. In start she worked with mentally disabled children and achieved astonishing results. After that she thought to work with normal children.

Montessori was the revolutionary who created her method from observation, not just from old theories. Here are some of her observations that have the most importance for early learning activities: And when the child had finished he seemed rested and happy.

She then decided to give children the freedom to be able to accomplish their work.

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Children put things back to where it belonged. She respected this and allowed them to do it by placing the materials in an open cupboard rather than locked cupboards as it was initially done. This cemented the way for the freedom of choice for the child to choose their work.

She observed that real discipline comes through freedom. This made her realize that even small children had a sense on personal dignity. Montessori always emphasized the respect for even the youngest child. She noticed that children preferred work over play, especially in school timings.

They are not work for any incentives or rewards. Their inner motivation is fair enough to motivate them for a particular work. A child can be disobedient, stubborn etc. It depends on the environment. If proper, healthy and interactive environment provided to children and their rightful needs fulfilled, they behave normal otherwise not.

The second condition is called deviation. They feel happy and satisfied while doing daily household activities. Like cleaning, washing etc. Room should not be congested and over loaded. Children love to sit on floor during many activities so there should be rugs or floor mats for them.

So whole building and rooms are designed according to children interest and comfort ability. The furniture, washrooms etc.

Google+ Followers Discoveries of Dr Montessori - II For example, topics concerning Life and Death, love, envy, bodily functions, sex roles, social awareness etc… When these topics were discussed appropriately with suitable examples, Maria saw that the children were mature enough to collect the knowledge required.
What are the discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori? - New York Essays What are the discoveries of Dr.
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Windows low to the ground and low shelves used so that children can have the outside view and used things from shelves. Posted by Farsiris at.13) Above all discoveries, we could proudly say that the whole ‘Prepared Environment’ is the greatest discovery of Dr Maria, which bases various discoveries where a child can independently work on self-development for his individual and social life.

Through scientific study and observation, Dr. Maria Montessori made many discoveries in regards to child development and how children learn. From these discoveries, she developed the Montessori Method of education, which is different from play-based preschool programs.

Dr Maria Montessori () has been described as an educator, scientist, physician, philosopher, feminist and humanitarian, and was the first early childhood educator to .

Maria Montessori, born in was the first female in Italy to graduate with a degree in medicine in and later worked as an assistant doctor in a/5(1).

Essays & Papers What were the discoveries made by Dr.

Discoveries of child made by dr maria montessori

Maria Dr. Montessori at Casa dei Bambini? - Paper Example What were the discoveries made by Dr. Maria Dr. Montessori at Casa dei Bambini Besides observing the intensity of concentration in this child, Dr.

Montessori had also noticed that the child had repeatedly conducted . Dr. Maria Montessori (–) was an Italian physician, teacher, and innovator, acclaimed for her eponymous educational method that builds on the way children naturally learn. She opened the first Montessori school, the Casa dei Bambini, in Rome in , and today there are more than 22, throughout the world/5(18).

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