Book cover

The extensive variety of typography on covers is mind-boggling — from conservative serifs to charmingly handwritten typefaces. Book cover typography has never looked so good.

Book cover

Follow this essential step checklist to make sure your book cover designs are perfect, every time. But then comes the spine. How big should it be?

Have you got all information you need for the back cover to look official? Over the following steps I'll walk through everything you need to know to design a book cover in InDesign Creative Cloud. This tutorial Book cover based off Pariah Burke's course on Pluralsight.

How big will your book be? Trim size refers to the final dimensions of a printed page after all the bleeds are cropped. However, in special cases, you might need to calculate some of these things yourself.


Is my book fiction, non-fiction, digest, trade or technical? Will it have a lot of images or be mostly Book cover text? Smaller books work well for text-heavy publications without pictures or diagrams.

Standard trim sizes for paperback are the same dimensions for front and back, while hardcover designs allow for some overhang. After all, it's all printed on the same piece of paper, right? We still need to set up the bleed, which is when the images, text or colours are printed all the way to the edge of the paper.

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Have you ever tried to use scissors to cut the border off an image you printed? This is so if anything shifts in printing, you'll still have a small margin for error before the final cover is accidentally cropped. To set this area up, go to the bottom of the New Document dialog.

Open the Bleed and Slug drop-down menu. Give yourself a minimum of 0. You have now set the bleed and live areas in your document. Arrange the cover panels Now you have a three-page spread that will be more convenient for making changes on the fly Open the Pages panel from the Window menu.

Now drag-and-drop page one between pages two and three. Imagine these pages from left to right as your back cover, spine and front cover. Choose the Page tool from the Tool panel. This is set to Controlled by Master, but for us to get the most flexible options for making changes later on, select Scale.

When you let go of the mouse, the pages will snap back together. Calculate the width of the spine Use this chart to find the weight of paper you want and calculate the spine There are two major pieces of information you need to calculate the width of a perfect bound spine.

You must know the number of pages in the book — which will always be a multiple of four, even if it means including blank pages. This chart will give you an idea for selecting the appropriate page thickness, and shows how to calculate the spine width. To calculate the spine width, find the thickness in inches and multiply by page count: Now jump back into InDesign.

Now your spine is the right size, and you can drop in your design. You can use an image for one panel, or on all of them, or over a combination of them. To create the frame for the picture, select the Rectangle Frame tool and drag it along the panels you want.Using a professional book cover design gives an author the edge in a very competitive and saturated market, it shows in an instant that you have high standards and that your work should be taken seriously, it also puts your book on a level playing field with some of the biggest names in publishing.

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Book cover

Protect your textbooks from spills and damage with stretchable or adhesive bookcovers. Find an assortment of designs at Office Depot OfficeMax. A book cover is any protective covering used to bind together the pages of a book.

The best way to cover and protect your hardcover and softcover books

Beyond the familiar distinction between hardcovers and paperbacks, there are further alternatives and additions, such as dust jackets, ring-binding. Affordable Book & Ebook Cover Design Services.

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