Assessment criteria master thesis outline

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Assessment criteria master thesis outline

Data will be collected and analyzed. During this phase the supervisor will be informed regularly on the progress made. If thesis work is done abroad students have to adapt to working conditions such as institutional hierarchy, ethics, dress code etcetera that are often different from Dutch conditions.

Thesis writing Usually 4 to 6 weeks are needed to write the final report or paper. In close co-operation with the supervisor the choice for a report or paper will be made.

The report has to be written in English. When you have a first complete draft of your thesis ready with all chapters and annexes but some smaller elements may still be missing ask your supervisor for comments on structure and contents.

assessment criteria master thesis outline

The supervisor usually needs 1 week for this proof reading. After having discussed the comments with your supervisor, you have at least one chance to improve your draft.

Together with your supervisor you make appointments regarding the procedure for proof reading. You have to ask the secretariat from the chair group for a thesis number, that appears on the cover of your thesis.

Research & Results

The number of hardcopies will be determined in cooperation with the supervisor. A PDF version of the final report or paper is also required.

It is important to understand that plagiarism is considered as a very serious offence against academic norms and, hence subject to equally serious punishment. Fraud and plagiarism, p. The thesis report has the following contents: Cover page Abstract max 1 page Introduction: Final presentation After the draft thesis is finished, the student has to give a colloquium.

Reserve a date with your supervisor in time. Presentations at AEW are scheduled on Thursday mornings and reservations can be made at the secretariat.

ENG Evaluation Criteria for Essays

Twenty minutes are reserved for the oral presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion. It is strongly advised to have a test colloquium a few days before. Final meeting In a final meeting, your supervisor will question and discuss your thesis, its relevance, and your opinion about your own work.

During this meeting the mark will be given. The standard rubric for the assessment will be applied by your supervisor click here for downloading.Thesis or Dissertation Outline – A detailed outline of the written thesis or dissertation.

Thesis or Dissertation Schedule – A schedule for completion of the thesis or dissertation. Resources Required – Some departments request that you list any additional resources that may be needed. Top Hat makes it easy for professors to enhance student comprehension and engagement with clicker apps, secure testing and next generation OER.

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Master's or MBA paper. There is a certain technique, where you can access someone else's paper, and use it as a foundation for your. Master’s Thesis and PhD Dissertation Evaluation Form. It is the student’s responsibility to distribute this form along with their thesis to each member of the thesis/dissertation committee.

After the defense all forms should be collected by the committee chair and submitted to the department. Marking Criteria - Dissertation (HST) The dissertation is an original piece of independent historical research. It will have an identifiable primary source base and will be assessed in terms of research, argument, contextualisation and presentation.

Revised February 11, 3 Finally, have the faculty member sign an Initiation Form and attach the degree worksheet, bibliography, and proposal/outline, including focus questions and thesis statements.

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