A biography of thomas jonathan jackson a leader of the american civil war

Lee himself, Thomas J. Jackson is the most revered of all Confederate commanders. A graduate of West Pointhe had served in the artillery in the Mexican War, earning two brevets, before resigning to accept a professorship at the Virginia Military Institute.

A biography of thomas jonathan jackson a leader of the american civil war

George had three sisters and two brothers. Bythey owned acres 2. John died in a farm accident when George was 13, leaving the family in financial difficulties. This was a major event in the formation of his views on slavery; that the idea of the contented slave in the care of a benevolent overlord was a sentimental myth.

Thomas left no written record of his opinion on slavery, but the fact that he owned slaves during much of his life indicates that he was not opposed to it.

A biography of thomas jonathan jackson a leader of the american civil war

Masonwho warned Thomas that no nominee from his district had ever graduated successfully. Entering at age 20, Thomas was known to his fellow cadets as "Old Tom" and he became instant friends with his roommates, William T.


Sherman and Stewart Van Vliet. He made steady academic progress, was appointed a cadet officer in his second year, and graduated 12th in a class of 42 in He led them in successful patrols and was appointed a brevet first lieutenant on November 6, Zachary Taylor reported that "the services of the light artillery, always conspicuous, were more than unusually distinguished" during the battle.

Wool wrote about Thomas and another officer that "without our artillery we would not have maintained our position a single hour.

Lieutenant Thomas more than sustained the reputation he has long enjoyed in his regiment as an accurate and scientific artillerist.

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Inhe returned to West Point as a cavalry and artillery instructor, where he established a close professional and personal relationship with another Virginia officer, Lt.

Leethe Academy superintendent. His appointment there was based in part on a recommendation from Braxton Bragg. Stuart and Fitzhugh Leebecame prominent Confederate cavalry generals.

The couple remained at West Point until Thomas was promoted to captain on December 24, On May 12,Thomas was appointed a major of the 2nd U. Cavalry later redesignated the 5th U. Cavalry by Jefferson Davisthen Secretary of War. There was a suspicion as the Civil War drew closer that Davis had been assembling and training a combat unit of elite U.

A biography of thomas jonathan jackson a leader of the american civil war

Lee, and the two officers traveled extensively together on detached service for court-martial duty. On August 26,during a clash with a Comanche warrior, Thomas was wounded by an arrow passing through the flesh near his chin area and sticking into his chest at Clear Fork, Brazos RiverTexas.

Thomas pulled the arrow out and, after a surgeon dressed the wound, continued to lead the expedition. This was the only combat wound that Thomas suffered throughout his long military career.

His antebellum career had been distinguished and productive, and he was one of the rare officers with field experience in all three combat arms—infantry, cavalry, and artillery. On his way home to southern Virginia, he suffered a mishap in Lynchburg, Virginiafalling from a train platform and severely injuring his back.

This accident led him to contemplate leaving military service and caused him pain for the rest of his life. Twiggsthe commander of the Department of Texas, harbored secessionist sympathies and could not be trusted in his post.

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Leeand William J. Thomas struggled with the decision but opted to remain with the United States. His Northern-born wife probably helped influence his decision.

In response, his family turned his picture against the wall, destroyed his letters, and never spoke to him again. During the economic hard times in the South after the war, Thomas sent some money to his sisters, who angrily refused to accept it, declaring they had no brother. On January 18,a few months before Fort Sumterhe had applied for a job as the commandant of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute.

Stuartwrote to his wife, "Old George H. Thomas is in command of the cavalry of the enemy. I would like to hang, hang him as a traitor to his native state. Lee and colonel May 3, replacing Albert Sidney Johnston in the regular armyand brigadier general of volunteers August Robert Patterson in the Shenandoah Valley[28] but all of his subsequent assignments were in the Western Theater.

Robert Anderson in KentuckyThomas was assigned to training recruits and to command an independent force in the eastern half of the state.Mar 20,  · Home Forums > War of the Rebellion Forums > Civil War Biography Forums > Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson > Welcome to the CivilWarTalk, a forum for questions and discussions about the American Civil War!

Stonewall Jackson | Biography, Battles, Death, & Facts | initiativeblog.com Five years later his mother died, and Thomas, brother Warren, and sister Laura, would spent the remainder of their childhoods among several different relatives [1].
Stonewall Jackson’s Early Years He graduated from West Point in and began his official military career with the US Army as a brevet second lieutenant in the Mexican-American War fromwhere he first met Robert E.
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Thomas Jonathan Jackson, better known as Stonewall Jackson, was a famous ‘Confederate’ general who served during the American Civil initiativeblog.com: Elinor Jackson, Mary Anna Jackson.

Watch video · Learn more about the life and military career of Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general during the Civil War and hero of the American South, at initiativeblog.com Stonewall Jackson, byname of Thomas Jonathan Jackson, (born January 21, , Clarksburg, Virginia [now in West Virginia], U.S.—died May 10, , Guinea Station [now Guinea], Virginia), Confederate general in the American Civil War, one of its most skillful tacticians, who gained his sobriquet “Stonewall” by his stand at the First Battle of Bull Run (called First Manassas by the South.

Watch video · Learn more about the life and military career of Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general during the Civil War and hero of the American South, at initiativeblog.com Kids learn about the biography and life of Stonewall Jackson including early career, the Civil War, his nickname, the Valley Campaign, Chancellorsville, and interesting facts.

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